Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Updates on Sunbonnet Sue/Sam Quilt

I bought this quilt a year ago from my guild's annual auction....

"I purchased two partial quilts as well.  The first one is really an interesting quilt. The previous owner clearly started hand quilting at the top. They added Sunbonnet Sue/Sam patterns to the middle of the blocks. Also, they had a fun time experimenting with fabric. Some of the blocks are old fashioned-type fabric, others have all one color fabric or metallic-typed fabric. Many of the blocks have fabric that I recognized from my grandmother's stash as well.  There is really nice batting in the middle and a neutral backing. I might add to the sides a bit to make it wide enough for a queen sized bed because right now this is a very square quilt and if I tried to use it on my own queen bed my partner and our dogs would end up with all the blanket!"

I realized after I purchased the quilt that I should've done a better job investigating what was really all there. During the silent auction, the quilt was wrapped up so that only part of the quilt was really showing. Though the quilt still works perfectly fine, my natural OCD tendencies are not a fan of the odd blocks scattered throughout.

I didn't end up adding anything to the sides, and I actually decided that this quilt was going to live just as the person who previously owned this quilt left it. Enough of the quilt is completed with hand quilting to keep the quilt together. No it's not perfect by any means, and one day when I find some energy to hand sew the sunbonnets into the middle of the already quilted sections, I might do it.

Until that point, sunbonnet sue/sam will adorn my couch, floor, car seats, beds, etc.
Here it adorns my legs, keeping me warm

one of the completed sunbonnet sam/sues

the finished product

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