Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Updates on My Life

I realized, as I just posted the Sunbonnet Sam/Sue post about three months after I completed the project, that I haven't posted ANYTHING in three months! It has been a super crazy few months for me.

In February, my partner accepted a new job in a town 1.5 hours away from where we used live. Since that time, he's commuted for about a month, we moved to a new place, I've job searched, and now I commute since my search hasn't been as fruitful as his.

My new craft space is much bigger than my former space, but it is in the cool basement. I haven't found my motivation to get down there and work, and my desk contents still adorn the floor--where I left them after getting frustrated that I couldn't find something in the box that was still all packed up.

Now that we're all moved in (and actually at a place where I feel organized and like this place is more of my "home"), I'm back on track with my craft goals... though I still commute three hours a day and don't exactly have the kind of time that I used to. This weekend I am determined to start working on some more projects!

We'll see if it works out like I planned or not :)

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