Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bathroom Sign

This project has literally been on my list for months. Maybe even since I started the blog actually. I think this project really came to fruition in September 2015... when I first bought the board that I planned to do something with for my bathroom. I bought it purely on a whim, not on sale *gasp*, with the idea that I'd hopefully do something with it sometime. My style is very reclaimed meets industrial meets old farm house. I love anything that looks distressed or like I saved it from the burn pile. This isn't quite getting there with it's perfect edges and uniform color (hey I bought it at walmart after all....) but I did really like the gray "barn wood" color.

And so it sat. And sat. And then I moved it upstairs, downstairs and upstairs again from closet to closet until I just actually found the motivation to do what I wanted (or what I thought I wanted). Sometime on one of the many adventures I've had on Etsy over the last year and a half, I found this:

I mean it's for a bathroom... how funny and totally weird. LOL. Perfect. Love it. So in the back of my head the project lived, until two weekends ago when I finished my last name sign. I mean I already had wood, drills, tools, etc. out. Why not just finish the dang thing! But not too long ago I actually found inspiration that was SO. MUCH. BETTER. Etsy for the win again!

Sorry to the Etsy person that I stole this picture from. But on another note,
if you're interested in this project you can click on the links and BUY them :)
(see its really me promoting you...... not copy right infringement...) 
Here are so many other examples of what wonderful things you could create with ball jars and reclaimed (or seemingly reclaimed like mine...) wood!! I love everything about these creations. AND I was just recently given a bunch of Ball Jars to use from my cousin who gave them to her mom who gave them to my mom (thanks Amie, Aunt Polly and Mom!!).

I didn't take a single picture while I was creating this (dang it, dang it...ugh!). Once I found the right piece of plumbing pipe connector/adjuster band things at the store, it was really simple and not time consuming at all. Because of the shape of my ball jar, the metal piece was really far away from my background wood. A simple solution was to add a piece of scrap wood to the back for support.

Finally got around to hanging it up!

My shower curtain matches so well!

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