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*My history and love for all things crafty began when I was very little. I always grew up doing crafty things including sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, ceramics, and really anything else you could think of.
Here is a picture of me from a 2nd grade art showcase

*When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who loved quilting with her ladies guild friends, needle arts, and creating items to donate to her church. Her love for creating always inspired me.

Great Aunt Nita, me and Grandma
Grandma and I working on a project

One of my early memories around quilting comes from my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. All of her sisters, neighbors, quilt guild ladies, and church friends got together to create a memory quilt for their present. I visited my mom's cousin's house where all my great aunts were around the quilt, sewing away, and they invited me to help sew!

Another one of my quilt memories from Grandma's house comes from when I was only five or six. She had a quilt on her antique quilt frame and she let me help her with the hand quilting. I'm not sure who has the quilt now, but I was mighty proud of the handful of uneven, jagged stitches that I helped with.

One weekend when I was bored at grandma's I made my very first quillow-quilt. I was so proud of myself! Looking back now I'm not sure what my middle-school self was thinking with the color scheme! This quilt has been well used and recently my mom repaired it and I use it to protect the back seat of my car from puppy feet.

The quilts I have that Grandma made for me are some of my most prized possessions, and I thank her for her influence early on in my life.

My first quillow, I had to try it out right on the floor of Grandma's sewing room

Ecstatic to receive a blanket

The last quilt she made me that went with my pink and purple room when I was 14 or 15

*My mother is also a huge influence on my craftiness. Mom has this wonderful stash of everything you might ever need. Thinking about a jean quilt? Stash of many jeans is in the closet... and the basement too. Zipper broke? Check the stash, grandma and great aunt's hand-me downs are in there too. Buttons or rick rack? She's got plenty, please take it off her hands! People in our family and community know that she sews and they give things that they'd otherwise get rid of or throw away to her. Her creativity and vision pales in comparison to anyone else I know.  She is always creating something, seemingly out of nothing.  Her creative genes are something I am thankful for everyday.  Also, my lack of a need for patterns (generally speaking) definitely comes from her aptitude for spacial understanding.

*It hasn't been until recently, now that I'm out of college... and grad school, that I've really been able to pick up the pace as far as my crafts go. I have my own place that I LOVE to decorate and I can never find the design elements I want in the store. Solution? Make something wonderful to fit my needs!! There are too many posts to count about decorating ideas that popped into my head and turned into something funky and unique.

*I also joined a fiber arts lunch group that meets at my place of employment and the Illini Country Stitchers Quilt Guild. In both groups I find myself learning so much about vastly different craft mediums. The members inspire me everyday. I'm also now part of the board, taking care of publicity. Feel free to hop over to our facebook to learn more!

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