Monday, January 23, 2017

Name Plaques

I decided at the last minute that I would add one more item to the list to make others for Christmas. I'd seen on pinterest those boards where you could put everyone from your family's names and birthdays hanging down from each month. 

This is the first one I found from when I googled the concept.

However, set out to make a more personalized version of that!

I cut one 6ft piece of left over fencing (from our backyard project when we first moved into our townhouse)
into 3 different 2ft sections.

Next I stained the boards! I liked the different sizes and shapes of the letters,
but I didn't like that they were all different colors.

Spray paint to the rescue! I had all black and it made the most sense to make them all the same color
(and it was a lot easier on me....)

I had to figure out what the names would go on.
Luckily I found these thinner wooden nickel style cutouts at Michael's.

I bought a few bags and drilled two holes (one at the top and one at the bottom) for each of the wooden nickels.

then I attached jump rings to the top hole for what seemed to be hours.
I used rings that were anywhere from 7mm-10mm (aka the biggest sizes I could find).

Once I finished decorating each letter, I hot glued each piece to the main board. Because none of the letters are too heavy, that seemed to work just fine. I also hot glued 12 oval wooden cut outs for the months of the year (as relatively even as I could without measuring). Below each month is a screw eye. I drilled holes and screwed each in individually which was probably the most time consuming and most infuriating part of the whole process.

And here is ONE of the three finished products! I used anything and everything to decorate the letters. From burlap to lace to more thin wooden cutouts, nothing made it look cooler than the random details that were added to each one.

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