Blogs I follow

Sewing and Crafting Blogs:

My favorite blog right now is Stitchery Dickory Dock.

I aspire to paperpiece and applique like what I see on Charise Creates.

Here is a fellow ICS Quilt Guild Member, Maggie.

The Polka Dot Chair has a range of sewing projects, not just quilts!

Personal Blogs:

I am consistently inspired by By Kara's wonderful eye and useful photography/wedding tips!

Courtney Westlake teaches me new things about disabilities and has a wonderful outlook on life. She does outreach and volunteer work around my hometown as well. I'm currently a member of the launch team for her book #ADifferentBeautiful  Find out more here.

True Blue Wife talks about the many struggles of life with a partner who is a police officer, something I find strength in reading.

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